A better way

Choosing a presidential candidate feels a bit like shopping for a new car. They all look tempting, shiny and full of promise. Some lack all of the characteristics we want or need. There are models that offer some of these but not all. Some have significant weaknesses. Inevitably, we find one or two that check most of our boxes, but, in the case of cars, might be too expensive for our budget. If we’re talking about candidates, the question becomes electability.

Already several Democrats have stated their intentions to run for president, although not all of them have officially declared. Many are women. Hardly a day passes without someone else joining the pack.

What are we looking for in a new president? Who do we believe can lift us out of this nightmarish mess wrought by the current White House occupant and his band of corrupt friends? Safe to say that most of us are looking for someone honest, of good character, someone possessing above average intelligence, effective communication skills, courage to make unpopular decisions, who is skillful at crisis management, someone who understands and appreciates history. Someone with a strong vision for the future of our country. Someone compassionate, with a heart and a strong moral compass. Should this person be experienced at governing? Yes. How important is experience at navigating Washington and its particular ways of getting things done? I believe very.

Those who have stepped forward bring impressive credentials, to be sure. Personally, I would love to see either of three people get in the race. I haven’t heard or seen any hint that two of them are considering running. Not yet, anyway. They are Joseph Kennedy III, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III has served in the U.S. House representing Massachusetts’ 4th District since 2013. He possesses all of these characteristics that I seek in a president and more. Barack Obama we all know well, and yes, he is eligible. Imagine what he could accomplish for our nation — and the world, for that matter — if he were back in the White House, this time supported by a sympathetic Congress. Joe Biden’s experience and insider’s knowledge and wisdom would be invaluable, and not only in foreign affairs to which he brings considerable experience and expertise. Joe Biden would know how to get things done. So would Obama, and so would Joe Kennedy.

Yes, these all are men, two of them white. I would love to see a woman, whether white or of color, serving in the presidency. We nearly had a superb one, but the Electoral College had other ideas.

Whether Joe Kennedy or Barack Obama will choose to run remains an open question at this stage. Biden probably will. Whatever happens, I will try to keep an open mind and watch and listen carefully as the campaigns rage. I am certain of this: I won’t vote for Donald Trump, should he be nominated. He wants another term. He actually believes he’s done a good job.

America knows a better way, and we are about to show it.


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