‘Michael’s’ pathetic fraud

A few minutes ago, I got off the phone after chatting with a young man whose name is Michael. That’s what he said. I don’t believe him, though, because his first words to me when I answered the phone were familiar ones: “Hi, Grandpa. This is your grandson.”

He didn’t get the opportunity to go into his pitch about how he needed money right away and would I please send it to him by money order. Such calls are frauds, intended to take advantage of elderly folks who might easily be fooled into believing the caller and sending him money.

“Always glad to hear from my grandchildren,” I told this caller. “I’m a little vague these days at my age. What is your name?”

Grandpa, don’t you know me? This is your grandson,” he replied.

“Please, tell me your name,” I insisted.

(Pause) He ventured a guess. “It’s Michael, of course, your grandson.”

Nope. Betsy and I are blessed with six wonderful grandchildren. None of them are named Michael.

“Where are you living now, Michael?” I asked him. First, a muffled response I couldn’t understand, then he chose the name of the town where I live.

“Look, Michael, I’m not going to fall for your pathetic, fraudulent call, but if you just give me your real name and address, I’ll be glad to notify the police, and you can visit with them.”

He hung up.

If you are of a certain age eligible for senior discounts, never fall for these pitches. If your do receive such a call, never volunteer any information. If you have a grandson, do not mention his name. Never. Best to simply hang up.

Unfortunately, there are people who prefer to earn their income by taking advantage of of elderly folks. Don’t fall for them. If you’re unsure, ask the caller questions that would quickly reveal whether he is actually a relative or a liar trying to rob you. Above all, never send him any money.

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