You work for us

One can accomplish a lot in three weeks. A lot of good or a lot of evil. So, how is our new president doing? Most of those he has chosen for his cabinet have made it past a lapdog Senate and are preparing to dismantle the government and its many securities and protections. It’s a start. The number of people of distinction he has insulted continues to grow daily, both here and abroad. Stephen Bannon, the president’s right-hand man, a person with his distorted, extreme right-wing view of the world, is ready to wield his power and influence.

President Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer simultaneously terrifies and entertains an alarmed nation by declaring the news media the enemy and bollixing up his every encounter with intelligent adults who try to make sense of the Trump presidency and report their findings back to us. With facts. Remember facts?

The Trump kids are taking over management of the family greed machines. North Korea tests a nuclear missile. Maybe a hot tweet would help calm them down.

The president, as delusional, impetuous and dishonest as he is, is not our only problem. Republican-led, white male-dominated  state legislators are busy blocking Medicaid, impeding voters, further enriching the rich, defunding health care and schools, and more, doing all they can to make our lives more miserable, setting back our societal clock. Last weekend an estimated 80,000 of frustrated North Carolinians marched in Raleigh, our state capital, to make our voices heard.

Raising our voices is effective. This is how we respond, as a nation and all around the world, in every small town and large city, when we need to right a wrong. Several wrongs. We speak out with emails, phone calls, letters and every means of communication available. Mr. Trump, his loyal band of tone-deaf lieutenants, and even all those lock-step Republicans in Congress cannot tune us out. We are America. You in the White House, the state legislature, the halls of Congress, listen up. You work for us. Remember that.


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