True information

Better watch out. Here come the facts.

Donald J. Trump, candidate for president of the United States, clearly doesn’t like facts. He predicts that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, will use facts in their debate tonight, “and that’s how she’s going to rig the thing.” Come again?

The Donald has pledged not to use facts in his part of the debate and urges Mrs. Clinton to take the same pledge. Her use of facts is a disgrace, he said.

His stated position on facts is so strange — even for him — I’m driven to look at this more closely. Let’s be sure that we know what we’re talking about. What is a fact? I turned to the respected Oxford English Dictionary, which defines a fact as something that truly exists or happens, something that has actual existence, a true piece of information.

Of all the outrageous remarks to come out of this man’s mouth as he has campaigned for the presidency, this one might reveal the most important fact (oops, sorry!) about him. He is telling us that he prefers not to convey truth when he speaks. How comforting. Is this what we need in our president?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. He has repeatedly showed us his casual contempt for truth.

Here’s a fact you can trust. My vote will not go his way. I prefer true information from my leaders.

Today’s word: upcoming. Down with the up. Something is coming, period, not up, down or sideways, Just coming. Coming does the job nicely. Why clutter it?

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