Today’s Grand Old Party

“I told you so” is one of our least popular phrases. We hate to hear it, yet I find it hard to avoid today.

A few years ago, I wrote in this blog that the Republican Party is the greatest threat to America. Some, possibly including you, thought that a tad too strong, too sweeping. The party does include good and principled people. Certainly true. Today our question is why are they silent? Or is it silenced?

Today, more than ever, the Republican Party remains the greatest threat to America. Our nation, yours and mine.

This once-great political body has transformed itself into a cult worshiping at the feet of one colossally unprincipled man, doubtlessly the most unprincipled in the history of America’s politics. His army of minions grows daily and has infiltrated the seats of power.

Tantrums and reprisals greet legitimate pursuit of truth or accountability. Dissenters are punished. Efforts to get at the truth are strenuously blocked. The Grand Old Party defines its attempt at its violent overthrow of the government as “legitimate political discourse,” which is absurd. Can we detect a whiff of treason?

This is America’s Republican party today. This is the party led by a single amoral hedonist who holds sway over millions. Note the irony of the party that cherishes personal freedom marching lockstep behind such a person.

Yet Americans, we are reminded, can change their leadership by voting in elections. But wait.

Republicans are against that, too.

One thought on “Today’s Grand Old Party

  1. Excellent piece, Raleigh! Both of my parents were registered Republicans. Dad had many thoughtful sayings that I’ll always remember, and the one that stands out the most is “Moderation is in all things.”

    I believe moderation is what we need most today from our elected leaders. If they were alive today, I’m positive my parents would be ashamed of the current Republican Party.

    The previous occupant of the White House has infected that Party with vitriol, hate and intolerance, and I fear the damage he and his blind followers have done to our country is irreparable.

    Thank you for expressing so eloquently what I feel.


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