Why we do this

Do I need to expand my circle of friends? Those who regularly join me in conversation all share the same point of view on the question of Donald Trump’s returning to public office. Unthinkable, they say.

Others, we know, feel differently.

This is what this second impeachment trial truly is about. Democrats want to make sure that this man, this worst president in America’s history, will never again hold public office.

In two days of Democrats’ well-organized presentations, millions of us have witnessed compelling video and dramatic spoken testimony. Republicans’ presentations in response, so far, have been less impressive, to put it charitably.

Seasoned observers share the belief that Republican senators, sitting as jury, will not convict the former president. (He hates that “former” designation, clinging to his mistaken belief that he won the election actually won by Joe Biden.) Democrats will need 17 Republican senators to join Democrats and vote for conviction.

A few Republican senators have indicated that they might be tempted to vote this way. Maybe. A few others actually appear to be watching and listening as the Democrat prosecutors have made their case. Still others have pointedly ignored it all, making no effort to hide their bored disinterest.

If these things are true, what ultimately is being accomplished by this exercise? Here’s what. Millions of Americans are watching and listening carefully to the case against Donald Trump in all of its shocking detail. Millions.

These are people who vote. We have seen the power of their vote when they know the truth and are motivated. 2022 is coming.

One thought on “Why we do this

  1. Thank you dear Raleigh for bringing another cogent reason for this process of impeachment! Yes , many votes will be swayed by the facts revealed this week.


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