Let’s get started

I think it was Amy Klobuchar who said it.

Back when we had 20-plus candidates vying to become the Democratic party’s nominee for president, one declared that, once inaugurated, the first thing she would do is fumigate the Oval Office.

Plenty of Americans feel the same way and would argue that Donald Trump’s administration has so befouled the office of president that a thorough scrubbing is needed before a Biden-Harris team can begin the task of rebuilding our nation. Open the windows to welcome in the fresh air and let the old out.

And so the deep cleaning will begin. Gone will be the Mikes: Pence and Pompeo, and William Barr, Steve Mnuchin, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Mark Meadows, and several others whose names are less well-known. Ivanka, Melania, Jared and the assortment of Trump family members and hangers-on will receive walking papers.

Feel better? Me too.

Americans celebrating the Biden-Harris election victory now contemplate with cheerful optimism what comes next: the choosing of a team of cabinet members and other staffers, to run this administration — intelligent grownups, patriots devoted to rebuilding and healing our divided and wounded federal government.

We have the talent and the resolve. Millions of Trump-weary Americans and countless friends in other nations are eager to get started. Let’s begin.

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