This I believe

This I believe:

Working in the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Education, Defense, Health and Human Services, Energy, Veterans Affairs, and other critically important functions of our government are hundreds, perhaps thousands of dedicated, competent professionals — employees who labor in frustration at the political avarice that has undermined their work. These servants are patriots, loyal, discreet, professional. Silent until now.

Soon they will be free to express themselves publicly. We will hear their voices. I can’t wait to hear. We must listen to them.


Turning off one candidate’s microphone while the other candidate is speaking is a great idea. We should have done that from the start. That we need to do it now acknowledges the level to which we have descended.


Which television commercials offend you most? Don’t get me started. Two top my list: Chevrolet’s insistence that actors are not real people, and the chorus that screams “I want it all, and I want it now!” Various advertisers have chosen this as background for their message. This self-serving chant expresses the worst in us. I can’t resist associating it with a certain prominent political figure.


Never forget the children in cages at the border, torn from their parents’ arms, terrified, damaged for life. Remember them when you vote, if you haven’t already. If you pray, pray for them.

Finally, pray for those whose twisted passions prompt them to plot the capture and murder of public officials with whom they disagree. Pray for all those whose power has led them to destroy what you cherish. This is what my faith teaches me. Prayer changes things.

This I believe.

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