Sounding our “h”

If you want to get your “h” right, say it aloud.

History book. Hat. Hiccup. Hammer. Holy. Hungry. Humble.

All of these are words that begin with the letter “h.” With these, as with most words beginning with “h,” we sound the “h” with an exhalation of breath. Let’s say them again.

Now some others: Honor. Hour. Honorarium. Yep, with some words, the “h” is silent.

“Historic” is not one of them. To say that an event is “an historic” one is incorrect. Would we read about it in an history book?

Here’s another tip.

To get the object of a preposition right, simplify the object of the preposition.

“Mom gave a new television set to Molly and I.” No. It should be “Molly and me.” In this example, both Molly and you are objects of the preposition,” to.” To get it right, simplify by mentally deleting one of the two objects, in this case, Molly. Mom gave the television set to me. (Not “I.”) That will sound right to you because it is.

Said another way, the gift was for me, not for I. “Me” is the object of the preposition “for.”

Getting it right is easier than we think, and it can avoid us a lot of embarrassment.

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