It’s all right

All right, the time has come. Again. We’ve been over this before.

All right is two words. All wrong is two words.

Alright is not a word. Neither is alwrong. Simple rule, if you don’t write alwrong, don’t write its counterpart alright.

Alright is showing up more frequently in various places. Social media is the worst abuser of this common expression we use to say that things are OK. They are all right. All is right, in other words. Alright shows up, incorrectly, seemingly everywhere, in movie subtitles, on television, in texts of otherwise good novels, even textbooks. Why should we accept this debasement of our language?  This is not all right. Next thing we know, we will have people speaking from behind a podium, er, lectern.

When things are not going well, we don’t say they are alwrong, for good reason. No such word exists. Neither does alright. Not a word. If you argue that alright now shows up in somebody’s version of a dictionary, throw that dictionary away. It’s caving into popular misuse of a perfectly useful common expression: all right.

Let’s all get it right for once, all right?



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