Time to close ranks

So many women enrich my life, I couldn’t possibly list them all. I feel humbled to enjoy the friendship of many. Every one of them is smart, competent and talented, without exception. The women closest to me are brilliant. I am blessed to have married one, and together we have had three daughters, and their marriages have produced five granddaughters and one grandson. We have a female cat. As much as most males, I suppose, I understand females. Lord knows, I appreciate them.

Like many of you, I would love for America to elect a woman as its president. It’s time.

Supporters of Elizabeth Warren who cry “two old white guys” are as guilty of mindless stereotyping as Trump supporters who demonize all Democrats. I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last week I voted for Amy Klobuchar. I am convinced that Elizabeth Warren would be a great president. But I will support who survives the Sanders-Biden battle for the Democratic nomination for president, and yes, he will be a white male whose time in this life is long. This has gained him many years of valuable experience equipping him to serve well as president. So yes, he is older than you, and he is male.

Donald Trump is 73. Barack Obama is in his 50s. Both are male. One is white (well, sort of orange-ish); the other is black. Their race, age and their gender are irrelevant to me. The same is true of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. So, yes, I hope for a female president soon. I am disappointed that it won’t happen this time. But the president’s gender this time is less important to me than it might be to you or others.

I want a Democratic presidential candidate with the brains, experience and heart who can defeat and remove from office the incompetent and dangerous fool who has disgraced the presidency these past three years. Judging from the results of the recent primary elections, lots of other Americans feel this way, too.

If Sanders and Biden and those who work for them are smart, they will not spend these crucial weeks ahead attacking each other, or worse, their supporters. The time is now for all of us to close ranks and work together to elect a smart, competent and talented president and members of Congress, especially the Senate, whatever their gender, skin color or religious preference.

Is this important? The security and future of our nation is at stake, that’s all.

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