The crumbling wall

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency? We can be forgiven for believing so, as a growing queue of credible witnesses comes forward to testify to the truth of his misdeeds and crimes. We are learning the truth, what he and his cronies have done to our nation’s security and its once important place in the world. Each day we learn more unpleasant facts.

We watch, transfixed, as his protective wall of sycophancy, deceit and hypocrisy begins to crumble, even as he hurries to build his own wall at our southern border, purchased by a compromised military budget. He imagines that he must make good on that campaign promise. We watch in amazement as he continues to serve the best interests of Vladimir Putin and other dictators in the world whom he admires.

Let us not forget the innocent children. Torn from their parents’ arms, they are still in their cages or living with strange foster parents in strange places far from the homes they knew. How will this crumbling presidency change their lives?

What will his crumbling wall mean to Ivanka, Jared, Eric, Donald Jr., Barron, and long-suffering Melania? To Mike Pence? What will it mean to all of us ordinary, patriotic Americans who have endured this madness for more than 1,000 days?

Why has it taken so long for spines to grow? Why are fearful public servants continuing to support and enable this man and his shrinking knot of cronies? How do they sleep?

As we search for answers, it will serve us to remember the power of money. If we follow the money, we will learn the truth. We will understand some of the reasons for the madness, but not quite all.

As we pick through the rubble of his crumbling wall, we will always wonder what went on inside the mind of this intellectually challenged narcissistic bully who was in over his head with too much power and no moral compass to guide him.

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