May it never die

What a week that was.

Timely naps and a good night’s sleep have put me back on my feet, more or less, following a week of exhausting yet glorious music. My friends who know me well understand what an important role singing plays in my life. I’ve been doing it for a long time, since I was a childhood alto, and it has enriched my soul all these years. And it keeps getting better.

Last week. Tuesday evening, Voices, the 100-voice community chorus in which I sing, rehearsed energetically, preparing for Saturday’s major concert. On Wednesday, I was with the 12-voice a cappella Chamber Singers, rehearsing toward Sunday’s appearance in worship at my church. Thursday evening took me to a neighboring town where The Ambassadors, a 17-piece swing band, played for an eager audience at a retirement community. Their kind of music. I enjoyed a great evening as vocalist and announcer with the band. On Friday, a looooong, arduous, final rehearsal with Voices and orchestra for the Saturday concert. On Saturday evening, the concert, which went beautifully and was well-received. Sunday morning brought the Chamber Singers back together to sing in the 11:00 worship service. All along, I was fighting the lingering effects of a bad cold.

On Sunday afternoon, I took a nap. Slept well last night, too. This helps. I’m ready for more singing. Bring it on.

We who love making music sometimes find it difficult to explain why we labor long and hard at it. Well, it’s healthy, for one thing. Multiple studies show this. And it’s social. One bonds with others in a common effort. But these, while important, don’t fully get at the heart of it. It’s the sheer joy of doing it. You in the audience: Your faces and applause show that you enjoy it. What about us, the singers?

You have no idea. It’s glorious.

Saturday night’s Voices concert ended with “The Awakening,” a stirring, touching piece written by Joseph Martin.  An excerpt from Martin’s text sums it up beautifully for me:

“Wherever emptiness is found, let there be joy and glorious sound. Let music never die in me. Forever let my spirit sing! Let all our voices join as one to praise the Giver of the song. Awake, awake! Let music live!”



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