Unwelcome callers

I might be able to tolerate the robocalls a bit better if at least the caller was truthful. Among the seven — yes, seven —  unwelcome intrusions into my peace and privacy two days ago, several claimed to be responding to my request for information about a back brace or medical alert pendant. They are lying. I never made such requests.

You can’t argue with a recording, so I simply hang up and go back to my meal. Or nap. These calls invariably come at inconvenient times.

Not all are recordings. The live people, none of whom seem to have a last name, cheerfully begin with “How are you today?” Do they really care? Sometimes in irritation, I reply, “Why do you ask? Why exactly are you calling?” Why I bother, I don’t know. I should simply hang up and be done with it.

Here is a news bulletin for the callers, all of you who claim to have a typical American name like Josh or Kevin, despite your accents that tempt me to doubt that’s your real name:  My “computah” is fine. I don’t even use Windows. It’s a Mac. Occasionally, I engage these guys in conversation for the fun of it, but on a few occasions, that has led to my being blasted with profanity I can’t repeat here. These guys might talk funny, but they sure know how to use gutter language.

Americans signed up on a “no-call” list several years ago. That didn’t last. Why not? What happened to that?

I question the effectiveness of these calls. Do they ever lead to actual sales?

Not to me. I prefer to decide when and what to buy on my own. If I want to, I can place the call to the merchant or service provider on my phone that I pay for and should not be available to uninvited and obnoxious sales pitches or scams aimed at elderly victims of fraud. But it is.

The time has come for government to fix this.





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