Fasten your seatbelts

As we struggle to awaken from this nightmare, we peer ahead to 2020 and ask ourselves what we want in our next president. Someone different from this one.

What have we learned about Donald Trump in these two years? So much that one hardly knows where to begin such a list. Here’s a start. Feel free to add to it. We have learned that:

He chooses as his most admired role models some of the world’s most notorious dictators.

He prefers lies and deceitful practices to the truth and expects his minions to follow his example.

He values blind loyalty to his flawed person above everything else, including national security.

He cheats those with whom he does business.

He appoints to positions of power those who would do the most harm to our nation and its people.

He values the concept of winners and losers and will do anything to win. Anything.

He hates anyone whose skin is dark.

He separates children from their parents without concern for their welfare.

He prefers bullying to peaceful discourse.

He enjoys humiliating others not like himself, preferably before a large audience.

He operates the presidency as a source of greater wealth for himself and his family, regardless of our nation’s laws.

His indebtedness to sources in Russia has led him and our nation into deep trouble.

What will we do about this? After two years of hand-wringing we finally are figuring out what we should do to bring him to account. Going forward we should pay particular attention to the efforts by others to shine a light on his financial interests, his taxes, his debts, his lies about his money. This tragicomedy has always been about money.

His end grows closer, but of this we can be certain: He won’t leave without a fight.

Fasten your seat belts. This won’t be pretty.


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