What of the children?

We have become inured to it. The word means to become accustomed to something unpleasant. Some dictionaries go further, adding that it implies acceptance. Much has been written and spoken about this phenomenon and its dangers to a civilized society once it sinks its claws into our consciousness.

I refer to the children our government has torn from their parents, thousands of them, small, innocent, terrified. Children.

We are expected to believe that their parents and thousands of fellow travelers arriving at our border, desperately seeking a better life, are terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminals. Bad people. Dangerous. So we snatch away their children, incarcerating most, dispatching others to distant cities and towns to be cared for by strangers. Will these innocent children ever recover from this trauma?

Will they ever see their mothers and fathers again? Well, that’s a problem, you see. Our government is spending our taxes to hire various companies and place them in charge of the care of these thousands of suddenly orphaned children. Some of that effort is invested in actually trying to reunite some of these innocents with their parents, with understandably limited success.

We go about our lives, trying unsuccessfully to fend off the daily outrages vomiting from the Oval Office and its occupant. Citizenship has become stressful, anxious. Recent election results offer us some hope, but true optimism hesitates behind the curtain, awaiting its cue. Maybe his obvious collusion with Russia, his multiple assaults on the Constitution, his low regard for representative democracy finally will lead to an end to our torment. We yearn for calm, intelligent leadership, but will it come soon enough? Who has the courage to return us to sanity?

And what of the children?

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