The paws that entertain

This will make some people who claim to be animal lovers unhappy. So be it.

My view is that if you truly love them as you claim, you will not subject your pets to service as your personal jesters by requiring them to wear props or articles of clothing for your entertainment.

Of course, I am not referring to sweaters or vests or other garments intended to keep your pets warm when they must venture out into the cold. That’s compassionate care.

This time of year especially, social media and cell phones are sprinkled with “cute” pictures of cats, dogs, hamsters, all sorts of long-suffering animal companions whose owners have dressed them in fake reindeer antlers, Santa hats, booties with flashing lights, sometimes complete outfits, all sorts of stuff intended to entertain us. We photograph them and share them with the world so others, too, can say “Aw, isn’t that cute (or funny)?”

Did you ask your pet’s permission to visit this indignity on him or her? Didn’t think so.

My fantasy is one in which the roles are reversed, and the animals you claim to love inflict the same treatment on you, their owners. Maybe that would reduce your temptation to indulge in cruel fun for your entertainment.

But I doubt it.





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