Most cruel of all

Why should Americans reject Donald Trump’s bid to be re-elected president in 2020? The list of reasons is too long, his mockery of anyone other than himself, his sins against our nation and countless individuals staggers the reasoned mind and offends millions around the world.

One stands out as too cruel for anyone to tolerate: forcibly separating children from their parents.

Thousands of them, according to those intimately involved in struggling to fix this crime against humanity. There is now no hope of locating many if not most of these children and reuniting them with their mothers and fathers.

Are we expected to feel pity for our president when, confronted with this unacceptable reality, he confesses that he feels bad for these families?

This man defies description. Re-elect him? Out of the question. Lord, protect us from those who would, and please open the eyes of all of us.

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