Fixing elections

We are a marvel of technology, our U.S. of A. We have developed weapons that can identify a target and with pinpoint accuracy fire a missile to destroy it. Amazing. After years of embarrassing screwups, we finally have figured out how to communicate the football referee’s explanations of penalties so they can be heard and understood by fans.

And of course, we can fly to the moon. And back, of course. Safely.

But elections are a different story.

We like to cite the ballot box as the average citizen’s voice, our opportunity to actually make a difference, change the things in our government that need changing. Boy, do they ever. So come election day, we can vote, and yes, every vote counts, even mine. Even yours.

Here’s the question: If we as a nation can accomplish so many wondrous things on earth and in space, why can’t we fix our broken elections? They are a jumbled mess, vulnerable to error and corruption. This is wrong.

Florida, where my family lived for 20 years, contains 67 counties, each of which counts votes in its own way, some electronically, some by hand-counting, all sorts of ways. Critics of our broken elections love to cite 2000, when an activist U.S. Supreme Court handed the presidency to George W. Bush, in a 5-4 vote. Until 2016, this doofus was without question America’s worst president. This important election got to the court because Florida couldn’t figure out how to count the votes fairly and accurately. We can’t count votes? Is this a great country or what?

Multiply Florida’s jumbled experience by 50, toss in corrupt public officials, add in thousands of politically active volunteers, and you have a good recipe for a broken system.

The right to vote is a precious privilege for Americans. Stop messing around with it. Can a Democratic majority in the House take this on and fix it for all of us? We shall see.

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