Thanks to the life-changers

If legs could talk, my dear bride’s left one would have a lot to complain about. Betsy was struck with polio at 13 — one year before the vaccine was discovered — and it left her right leg unable to move independently. Her left leg developed strong muscles to do all the work, and it did a great job of it for nearly seven decades. On June 24, 2018, it said enough. Those weary muscles could go no more. Her short-term memory began to fail her, too, but losing the ability to walk, oh my, that hurt more. I try to imagine what that would do to me.

Following several weeks of in-home care, she moved into an assisted living facility on August 8. There she met Jeffrey DeVries, physical therapist. This morning, October 31, I watched, fighting back tears, as she walked, slowly, carefully, grasping the handles of her walker, step after step, 150 feet down a corridor, Jeffrey hovering but not touching.

She was chatting away the whole time, smiling, laughing.

I invite you to join with me today in a prayer of gratitude for the Jeffreys of our world and their compassionate care. They change lives.

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