How not to dress

I remember the first time I saw a young man dressed in a dark suit with the tail of his white dress shirt hanging out, visible underneath his jacket. I later learned that this was not a mistake by a slob or someone who dressed in too much of a hurry but was in fact intentional, a fashion statement of sorts declaring that this was not only acceptable, it also was stylish and contemporary. Maybe to some, but not to me.

One could fill multiple pages with commentary on the way men dress themselves when they know they will be seen in public. I will not yield to that temptation, but this curmudgeon can’t resist citing just a few that turn me off. Here are just a few.

Brown or tan dress shoes worn with men’s suits of black, blue or charcoal. Trendy now. I don’t know whose idea this was, but it’s ugly and definitely wrong. Looks awful. Some women want their shoes to be seen and admired, to show them off. Maybe these color-blind men are trying to get in on that, too. Get our eyes off of their faces and down to their feet, to admire their bad taste? No, thanks. A little narcissism goes a long way.

Hats and caps worn indoors. Unless your faith requires it, men, take your hat or cap off when you enter a building and absolutely remove it when you’re at a table eating. Good grief. Didn’t your mama teach you manners?

Flip-flops. These certainly are convenient and sensible in certain settings, such as at home, in the back yard, at the beach, maybe in the shower. In other public settings, no. Please don’t consider them a substitute for actual shoes. If you want to go barefoot, feel free, but don’t slip on a pair of flip flops and go out in the world pretending that you’re wearing shoes.

The sight of men wearing shoes with no socks has been discussed here before, so I’ll leave you that one with a single word: Yuck.

I could go on but will spare you further rants about clothing. Next time, we might discuss inconsiderate drivers. Oh, boy. One could write a book.





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