The endless audit dodge

Donald Trump has been president for 580 days. Before he first sat behind that desk in the Oval Office, Americans invited him to disclose his tax returns, as all former presidents had.

He refused. He said he couldn’t because he was being audited. Really? We have learned that even if his tax returns were being audited, he could have opened them to the eyes of a concerned public.

Now, 580 days later, we still are denied access to this information that becomes more crucial by the day. Why? Because his private financial details, and those of his businesses, would lead us to the truth behind his bromance with Vladimir Putin and his sticky entanglement with Russian interests.

How long does an IRS audit last? His audit? Were his taxes even being audited?

Follow the money. If you want to know the truth, follow the money trail.

Our appetite for Trump’s financial information has diminished over these 580 days. So many distractions, so much corruption, so much divisiveness, so many lies. We Americans who prefer leaders who value our needs and concerns more their own political hides want and deserve the truth. Let us in. Share that information with us.

It will lead us to the truth.

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