Gut-check time

Political decisions in America are about greed. More for me, less for them. Greed motivates. It drives the decisions made in the halls of government at all levels, in funding for schools, offshore drilling, protection for consumers, stewardship of the environment, immigration, medical care, freedom to vote, appointment of judges. More money for us and our friends, more power to control the lives of others. Greed corrupts what we have come to value as the democratic process.

If this is true, how does one explain our president’s love affair with Vladimir Putin? Well-dressed, educated people on television search for answers, but it is right in front of us for all to see if we just follow the money. It is about the money. Has been from the start. President Trump needs it, and Russia’s got it. And him.

To keep his creditors happy, our president routinely gambles what Americans have fought for and cherished for generations. He violates his oath of office, commits treason, risks national security for all of us, and lies when questioned. Lies about everything. Appropriately alarmed and outraged, we call for impeachment. A president who willingly, nay, eagerly, sells his soul and ours to our most dangerous adversary is a threat to our national security and should be removed from office. So say we all, well, most of us.

Let’s be clear: To impeach an office holder does not mean to remove from office. It means to bring charges. It is a beginning, a first step.

Why are members of Congress unwilling to take that step? Greed? Not that simple? To save one’s hide and remain in elective office? Certainly.

Clearly, Americans face a crucial decision. We are where we are thanks to the reckless and dangerous actions of a self-serving incompetent who is driven by greed and fragile ego. But America possesses the means to fix the problem. We know what we must do. Do we have the morality, and the guts, to do it?

















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