Welcoming change

The common belief that older people resist change, preferring things to stay as they were and have been for years, might be off the mark. It is true that the familiar feels safer and more comfortable, to be sure, but many of us of a certain age welcome a refreshing change now and then. A big one is happening right now in the lives of my dear bride and me.

Our local church, which has meant so much to us since we first joined its membership 30 years ago, is getting a new pastor. Our previous pastors, the Revs. Richard and Jill Edens, retired several months ago after 38 years as co-pastors of a church that they saw grow from about 100 to more than 900 faithful members. Following a lengthy search, our congregation enthusiastically called as its new senior pastor the Rev. Cameron Barr, a North Carolinian who served two churches in Iowa before returning to his roots in the east.

Educated at Davidson College and Vanderbilt Divinity School, the youthful Rev. Barr has served two churches in Iowa before coming to our church, Plymouth United Church of Christ in Des Moines and Grinnell United Church of Christ in Grinnell. He was named a conference delegate from Iowa to the 2013 and 2015 UCC General Synods and serves on the denomination’s board of directors.

Cameron Barr takes over as our senior pastor this week, and we are plenty excited. The Edenses were wonderful pastors and friends, simply outstanding, but they worked hard for many years and deserve their retirement.

So change comes to our lives, big change, and we welcome it with open arms.

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