Maryland shows the way

More than 400 days into his chaotic and dangerous administration, our president still hasn’t shared with Americans the contents of his tax returns. If that hasn’t waved a red flag for you, nothing will. So-called investigations into Mr. Trump’s interests in and fondness for things Russian plod along. Smothered by partisan politics, those directed in the House and Senate stall or grind to a halt. The one directed by special counsel Robert Mueller, however, moves forward apace, and the heat grows closer to His Majesty and his family.

The path to the truth is and always has been the money. Follow the money. Wait and see.

In Maryland, state senators have put forth a bill that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release their most recent five years of tax returns in order to get their names on that state’s ballots, according to a report by The Associated Press. This is a first for any state legislature.

The Maryland State Senate gave the bill preliminary approval on Thursday and will likely consider it for final approval in a few days before sending it to the House, the AP reports. Democrats control Maryland’s General Assembly, but the state’s governor, Larry Hogan, a Republican, has yet to reveal his position on the bill.

Maryland legislators proposed this measure after Trump refused to release his tax returns during his presidential race, going against decades of precedent. He has cited an ongoing audit as his reason, but the IRS said that nothing is preventing him from releasing his tax returns.

Our president has compelling reasons for hiding his finances and his affection for Russia’s leader from the rest of us, and the search moves closer to those reasons.

Thank you, Maryland legislators, for your courage and leadership. Follow the money.


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