The truth approaches

We grow closer to the truth. The president is showing us this in spite of himself. Trapped like a cornered rodent, the child-man in the Oval Office is ramping up his attacks on the credibility of the FBI, trying his best to undermine the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Republicans in Congress increasingly are joining the chorus in this embarrassingly foolish and futile effort.

It won’t work. Americans have grown wise to the numbing utterances coming from the mouth and tweets of Trump. We are smarter than that and a lot smarter than he is. Well, most of us.

Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the 2016 Trump election campaign and Russian officials is independent, a crucial detail that most of us realize but one that seems to have escaped the awareness of our president. Americans place far more trust in Mueller’s integrity and this investigation he is leading than we do in Mr. Trump’s desperate efforts to derail it.

The president doth protest too much, methinks, to paraphrase Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

No, Mr. President, this careful, thorough investigation will press on in its quest for the truth, despite your efforts to frustrate it. Most Americans seek the truth. Do you?

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