The littlest angel’s lesson

I refuse to let the gloom pouring on us from the halls of government blot out my Christmas. Join me in rejecting the greed and corruption. Instead, let’s celebrate the good in our lives. There’s plenty of it, and we don’t need to look far to find joy. Here’s an example.

Last Sunday, nearly wiped out by a day packed full of rehearsals and singing in worship, I spotted an angel as I sat quietly in the midst of a chaotic late afternoon final rehearsal for a Lessons & Carols service that was to bring together an advanced hand bell choir, a youth choir, adult choir, children’s choir, several soloists, both vocal and instrumental, and readers. Can you picture it?

In the thick of it all, about a dozen children writhed impatiently in the front pew waiting their turn. One sweet-faced girl, half the size of the others, sat peacefully, her large, dark eyes taking in all the activity, then rose with the others to rehearse their number, which included a lively circle dance and song. Her face lit up the room as she sang every word and executed every step and hand clap perfectly. The grownups were entranced. I immediately forgot my fatigue, lost my grumpiness and felt my spirits lift.

I am certain that this innocent child had no idea of the effect she was having, but her uplifting spirit spread throughout the room. At that moment I realized that nothing was going to cloud this special season for me. This Christmas was going to be just fine, thank you. This littlest angel reminded all of us of where our minds and hearts should be, especially now.

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