The tipping point arrives

The unbending loyalty of Donald Trump’s base fascinates his critics. How can these people continue to support this man and approve of what he says and does? What does it take to open their eyes? Will they remain loyal forever, or is his base at last beginning to shrink? Is yesterday’s special election in Alabama the tipping point?

Two dictionaries’ definitions of ‘tipping point’: 1) the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. 2) The time at which a change or effect cannot be stopped.

What are the signs? Last month, voters in historically conservative Virginia elected Democrats as governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Democrats also gained 15 seats in the state’s House of Delegates, bring them into a virtual tie (49 Democrats to 50 Republicans) in total legislative seats.

If you want to see what Trump’s loyal base looks like, visit Alabama. It would be difficult to find a more stubbornly Republican red state. But in yesterday’s special election for a crucial U.S. Senate seat, Alabama’s voters delivered victory to Democrat Doug Jones, defeating Judge Roy Moore by more than 20,000 votes.

What do these two elections tell us? Have Americans finally had enough? Are we responding to the upraised voices of abused women and those who respect them? What will these election results mean to the Republican Party’s grip on power in the U.S. Senate? What will they mean to Trump, who desperately wanted Roy Moore to win in Alabama?

Do these elections signal a large, important change? Yes. Have we reached the time at which the change cannot be stopped? Let us work to make it so.


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