Awaiting the dropping shoe

What perverse timing our tumbling political drama offers us. Just as the investigations threaten finally to expose the real truths of the Trump team’s misdeeds with Russia, Republicans in Congress appear finally to be ready to deliver a legislative victory to the mad king. Soon it appears he will be able to boast truthfully that he has successfully screwed most Americans while further enriching his wealthy friends. What an accomplishment.

This disgraceful  tax bill, rammed through free of thoughtful examination, now will hang out there for all to see, to experience and most of all, to remember as we vote in elections next year. Those members of Congress without moral conscience who face re-eelction campaigns in 2018 could be in for a shock as fed-up Americans cheerfully remove them from office. They can run, but they can’t hide. Neither, it appears, can our mad king.

He’s just about run out of friends who can protect him from those damned embarrassing facts. Being Donald Trump must be lonely. Only snuggle sessions with his Mar-a-Lago cronies and his occasional rah-rah campaign speeches in the boondocks remain to stroke his fragile ego.

Meanwhile, from Main Street to London to Pyongyang to Moscow, we wait for the inevitable other shoe to fall. And it will fall.


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