Remember, and vote

To assert that Republicans holding public office pose the greatest threat to America might strike you as extreme, but years of observing what they are willing to do to Americans drives me to no other conclusion. The evidence is overwhelming. At this moment in our history, we need look no further than the Graham-Cassidy bill now being rushed through Congress.

Why are Republicans in Congress so eager to push through this shameful piece of legislation? I agree with Paul Krugman, respected editorial page columnist with The New York Times, points out this truth: “Republicans are desperate to destroy President Barack Obama’s legacy in any way possible, no matter how many American lives they ruin in the process.”

From Obama’s first day in office forward, this has been the driving motive of Republicans in Congress, and it continues today. Republicans in Congress, endowed with majority power in both houses and an incompetent and dangerous president, are determined to destroy Obama’s Affordable Care Act and replace it with . . . anything. They have tried repeatedly and failed, thanks to a few with a shred of conscience.

This time, they don’t even grasp what this strikingly cruel bill now before them would accomplish. Don’t need or care to know. Just repeal and replace, so mad king Donald can claim a victory, and a far wiser former president can be humiliated. Its sponsors respond to criticism of their handwork with lies, as Krugman correctly notes.

The Graham-Cassidy bill unwittingly provides us with a clear and honest picture of what the Republican party of today has descended to. As Krugman points out, this is not an aberration but more like the distilled essence of everything that is wrong with modern Republicans today. North Korea, Isis, opioid abuse, an unstable president, so many harsh realities threaten Americans, but Republicans in public office — our employees — constitute our gravest danger.

Remember them when next you vote.

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