Favorite films

We Americans tend to like to list things, usually best to worst. Lately I’ve been thinking about listing my favorite movies, not that any readers would care a snap what movies I like. I’m doing this mainly for me, for the simple pleasure of revisiting the joys of experiencing them. I loved them all, but I will rank them in order of my preference. My Number 1 might surprise you, but I feel strongly about it.

Turner and Hooch, The Remains of the Day, Last Holiday with Alec Guinness, The Englishman Who Went Up the Hill and Came Down a Mountain, Babe, Quartet, Howard’s End, To Kill a Mockingbird, Guys and Dolls, All the President’s Men, Being There, Pay it Forward, The Lady in the Van, Calendar Girls, You’ve Got Mail, Pauli, Message in a Bottle, The Music Man, Topsy Turvy, Babette’s Feast, My Fair Lady, Sister Act.

That’s 22. I am certain there are others, but my aging brain can’t pull them up at the moment. Such a list, I am sure, reveals something about my character, I suppose. Conclude what you will. It’s true that I like animal stories. I consider Turner and Hooch a classic romantic comedy. One could list only Tom Hanks films and have a great list. I feel the same way about some other superb movie actors.

What are your favorites?

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