The stewardship of power

Life teaches us so much. For me, one of its greatest lessons is this: We should never underestimate the power of our influence over others. Whether we are aware of this or not, someone will see that fleeting expression on our face, overhear a comment, notice our reaction to frustration, witness our behavior when dealing with others.

Certainly we influence others and simultaneously reveal ourselves every time we speak in public, send an email or text, post a comment on social media, write for publication, preach from a pulpit, teach a class. We also should appreciate the fact that virtually every thing we do and say can affect others. Little, forgettable things that seem insignificant to us can be life-changing to others. I have seen this so many times, I know it to be true.

That’s a lot of power. How we manage the stewardship of that power reveals much about our character and the values that govern the choices we make in life. Big ones and little ones. If honest self examination shows us that any of these could use a little adjusting, now might be the best time to begin working on that. Here’s a good place to start. Remember that every encounter is an opportunity to make someone’s life better. Every encounter. Think of that.

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