Changing the culture

Have you had enough? Are you finally as exhausted as I am of the behavior of our president and the tight little band of people he chooses to stroke his fragile ego? Daily we learn of yet another appalling act or statement that deeply offends us and really, most of the world outside Washington.

We are left today with an image of this tiny group of amoral white men huddling in the Oval Office daily, plotting ways to reverse any and all social and economic progress for you and me while enriching themselves and those of their ilk.

And so we are fed up with this president and his little club. We have had enough of it. But let’s be clear: They are not alone.

No, this trashing of our democracy couldn’t be happening without the support of  its army of facilitators in Congress. These stewards of government fought sensible and affordable health care with their tongues for seven years of the Obama administration. Today, they continue their quest, struggling to find some way, any way, to act on all that talking and humiliate President Obama and rob millions of affordable health care.

We celebrate the courage of a few, a gradually increasing number of those elected to represent our interests, who are speaking out against the tide of disgraceful words and actions of their peers and their president. Our president. Why so few? That these serve as exceptions to the norm is precisely why we should continue to raise our tired voices in protest, in marches, phone calls, emails, in person when our representatives muster the courage to face us in public settings. They need to know that their behavior has  consequences.

We owe it to ourselves and all Americans to help elect those who would change this shameful culture of abuse of power. We can do it.


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