Follow the money

Investigative journalists often remind their colleagues to “follow the money” as they search for corruption-revealing mischief among our political leaders. The phrase swam into public consciousness in the 1976 documentary movie “All the President’s Men.” In the film, the phrase was uttered by the character Deep Throat, the informant who played a key role in revealing the Watergate scandal.

We who watch and wait as investigations close in on our president and his dealings with Russia would be well-served to follow Deep Throat’s advice. Why was the campaigning Trump so friendly with Russia? Why is he still? Why does he speak admiringly of Vladimir Putin? That’s a good place to start. Let’s move on to his conversion of Washington’s old Post Office building into a hotel where foreign leaders can lodge in trumpian luxury a short walk from the Capitol. By all means, examine his many investments and holdings around the world and wonder why he’s so friendly with foreign leaders in such places. What motivates his interests? What truly drives Trump? Wonder no longer.

Follow the money.

Consider the empowerment of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a predatory landlord with no experience in government or politics, yet he sits in on any high-security meeting that suits him and is at the president’s right hand, in charge of important parts of his agenda.

Marvel at the president’s reluctance to release his tax returns to America as all previous presidents have done. Why won’t he? What would they reveal to us? What is our president hiding? What indeed?

Follow the money.

Multiple details of this disgraceful presidency will come to light in the weeks to come as the hearings heat up, but the key findings, the ones that will explain it all, will lie in waiting until the questioners heed the advice from that anonymous insider in the Washington parking garage 40 years ago:

Follow the money.


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