The price of impetuosity

Recent flooding has pushed the banks of he Eno higher, offering Harvey the wild turkey and Ethel the raccoon plenty to drink and a good setting for discussing politics on this sunny  afternoon in mid-May.

ETHEL: Our impetuous president has gone and done it now.

HARVEY: Impet-you-what? What does that even mean?

ETHEL: An impetuous act is one done on impulse. He has once again done something stupid on impulse.

HARVEY: I get it. So what has he done impet– what you said?

ETHEL: Harvey, you need to keep up with the news better. Right after El Presidente fired James Comey, head of the FBI, in the middle of an investigation, he entertained two top Russian officials in the Oval Office and blurted out highly classified intelligence information.

HARVEY: Whoa, that sounds dangerous. Can he do that? Why was he even talking to those guys, anyway? Isn’t the FBI investigating possible collusion between Trump’s campaign team and the Russians? You’d think that his Trumpness would stay as clear of Russians as possible.

ETHEL: Stupidity in a president is not a crime, unfortunately. If only. Yes, he can do that. Just ask him. He thinks he can do what he wants. And that’s how he’s running his presidency. But yes, the FBI investigation was worrying him. That’s why he canned Comey. And yes, revealing sensitive classified information to these guys goes far beyond stupid. As you say, it most certainly is dangerous to the national security of our country and that of our allies.

HARVEY: Wow. (He takes a deep drink, blinks, and speaks again.) Say, wait a minute. Giving away sensitive secrets to your enemy — isn’t that treason? And, what about this firing of Comey in the middle of the investigation? Isn’t he obstructing justice by doing that? Whose side is Trump on?

ETHEL: Looks that way to me. Does make one wonder what it’s gonna take to bring this president up on charges. I mean, what does it take to satisfy the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors? As for whose side he’s on, he’s on his side. What side is he on? His side. What serves Trump’s personal and business interests is what guides his impetuous acts.

HARVEY: There’s that word again. Well, if we could see his income tax reports, maybe that would show us where his business interests lie.

ETHEL: Lie? Did you say lie? Odd that you’d choose that word. Sure, his tax information would show Americans plenty, but he’s desperately trying to hide that from us.

HARVEY: Maybe I’m not s smart as you, but I know enough to be worried when my president gives away important secrets to our enemy, tries to stop us from investigating him and his cronies, and hides his taxes from us. Lord help us.

ETHEL: You are not alone, Harvey. Lord help us, indeed. What will happen next?

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