Welcome, neighbors

A sparrow led my eye to it, a nest tucked under the ceiling of our carport just outside our kitchen door. The little bird caught my attention as it fluttered for a few seconds around the spot, then flew out into space and across our front yard.

Around the carport’s perimeter, stout vertical beams support its roof. Other diagonal boards form a “Y” shape from high on the vertical beams up to a fascia that hangs just below the roof line. These angled supports don’t quite reach the roof line, and their ends create a tiny shelf, a perfect, protected spot for building a nest.

Contractors built the carport for us in 2002 to provide protection from the elements so Betsy and I could enter and leave the house safely, without getting wet. The structure is wide enough to accommodate two cars side by side, and it has a roomy storage shed at the back end. We built it for our safety and convenience. We never imagined that this structure also could offer sanctuary to birds. In 15 years, we haven’t seen any other birds, or any nonhuman creatures, for that matter, attempt to take advantage of the protection it offers.

Their trusting presence brings us joy. We plan to leave our new neighbors alone and hope their little family stays a while and does well in its new, protected home.

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