Red herring banquet

More than a month has passed since Harvey the wild turkey and Ethel the raccoon last met by the side of the Eno River to discuss the day’s news. Here they are again.

ETHEL: This Trump guy is throwing so many red herrings around I can barely smell anything else.

HARVEY: What d’ya mean, red herrings?

ETHEL: That’s an intentional distraction, meant to take us off the path to the truth. Politicians use red herrings all the time. Trump’s an expert. Do you remember last time we talked, the FBI and committees in both houses of Congress were investigating Russia’s interference in our presidential elections and whether Trump and his friends had anything to do with it.

HARVEY: Yeah. Come to think of it, we haven’t hear d much about that since then.

ETHEL: My point exactly. The news has been full of other stuff — the battle between Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner for the president’s ear and more power. Then there’s Trump’s taxes. He still won’t reveal them to the rest of us. What’s he hiding? Let’s not forget firing the missile in Syria, and the big bomb, and now the threat of war with North Korea. Did I mention China?

HARVEY: Wow. You’re right. These are big deals, or could be. No wonder we haven’t heard much about Russia and the election lately.

ETHEL: They certainly are big deals, especially North Korea, and while he’s playing with bombs, Trump hopes that all these hot stories have caused the chase for truth about the Russian thing to fade from our consciousness.

HARVEY: Well, I’m not forgettin’. I wanna know where this Russia investigations are headin’. But look at all this other madness. This guy is a one-man wrecking crew, ain’t he?

ETHEL: No president in our history has ever demonstrated this level of incompetence this fast. Incompetent and without question dishonest. What’s worse is, he’s dangerous, throwing missiles and bombs around to show his toughness. Rattling swords at North Korea.

HARVEY: Scary. D’ya think he’ll last four years?

ETHEL: Not if several someones in Congress finally summon the moral courage to stop him. I’m hoping for that.

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