Wait for it

This I believe: Eventually a few Republicans in Congress will come around. One must believe that those possessing a sense of morality — yes, there are a few — will do the right thing. A respected veteran columnist has warned hopeful Americans that Trump most likely will remain in office for four years. I respect his views but beg to differ. Someone with power will have the courage to speak up and to persist, investigations will move forward, good, ethical, honest journalism will report the truth, and Trump will be gone.

Others will join these courageous few, the light will shine much more brightly, and the truth will emerge. It will start with Russia and quickly spread to include vast business interests here and abroad. It will be ugly, but once the lid comes off, there’s no slamming it shut again. The greed and corruption will spill out. This presidency will be over. America and the rest of the world will be safer.

In the meantime, we will witness the lying, manipulating and finger-pointing, shake our heads and wait for the good people with a conscience to step up and take action. The whole world waits.


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