Dear readers, I have been caring for my dear bride, who fell several days ago and is less able to get around and be herself as she tries to manage her pain and gradually recover. As you might imagine, much of my time has been devoted to her care and all of the tasks that keep a household operating at a more-or-less normal level. Some days, I run out of time before I can write my blog. Today is another one of those days.

I am working on a draft of a blog devoted to our use of labels to identify people, including ourselves, and another piece that explores fascism. So, stay tuned. These are coming. I promise. Please keep checking to see.

In the meantime, I want to express my gratitude for your loyalty and share with you a brief encounter I had as I checked out at our supermarket today after shopping for the week’s groceries. Caroline, the cashier, greeted me with a warm smile and carefully made sure that each of my bags of groceries was not too heavy. “I love my job,” she told me with a smile. Caroline has been working as a cashier at this store for about a year and as a cashier  in other settings “for years,” she told me.

How many of us would aspire to a career as a cashier in a grocery store? Not all of us get to love our jobs, but that is so important. Caroline’s personal joy makes our experience as customers so much more pleasant. Working at a job that you love helps you get out of bed with a smile, every day. Here’s to Caroline.

I’ll be back tomorrow. That’s a promise.

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