One person with courage

There’s a small florist shop across the street from the tomb of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta. When we both were younger, our daughter Beth and I drove together to that city several times to watch the Atlanta Braves play and while there, pay our respects to the late Dr. King. Beth always insisted on stopping in that florist shop to purchase a single white rose. We then would cross the street to the King memorial site, and she would toss the rose across a small pool of water so it would land safely near the tomb. We would linger a few minutes in prayer and then head to the ballgame. We wanted to remember always the gift of this man and  his message to us, our nation and our world.

On this day, many thousands have gathered in unity at various venues to sing together, pray together, remember, pay tribute, offer thanks for this man and his ministry, and most of all, to reaffirm our commitments to continue his battle for equality, justice and love. Many people, but not all. Some say they are “too busy.”

One person with courage can change hearts and minds. We have seen this many times. One need not be physically strong. Dr. King was not a large person physically. Neither were Queen Victoria, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and so many others who nevertheless changed the world in profound ways. Thomas Jefferson once said that one person with courage constitutes a majority. Think of that.

Just one person. With courage. I believe that.

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