Let us pray

Jeff Sessions led the parade today. For the next several days, America will be treated to the spectacle of a stream of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees for his cabinet appearing before congressional committees, who, at the end, will deem all of them worthy. The Republicans have the votes to confirm, after all, so this is all play-acting.

We are not fooled.

Trump wants Sessions of Alabama to be his attorney general. He, Sessions, has made it clear all along how he feels about immigration, even legal immigration. He’s against it. Has he ever read the message at the Statue of Liberty? His racism also is difficult to deny.

But today, as he faced questioning by a congressional committee, he did his best to sound reasonable, negotiable, a good guy. He’ll be approved. Trump can put on an act, too, as we have seen, so they’ll be a good fit, these two.

John Kelly was scheduled next this afternoon, Trump’s choice for homeland security. Tomorrow, a congressional committee will grill Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for secretary of state. As the week progresses, others will face questioning and rubber-stamp confirmation: Elaine Chao for secretary of transportation, James Mattis for defense, Ben Carson for housing and urban development, Wilbur Ross for commerce, Mike Pompeo as director of central intelligence. Let’s not forget Betsy DeVos for education, scheduled to be heard from next Tuesday. Ms. DeVos hates public education, so Trump wants her to be his secretary of education. Makes sense in Trump’s world.

Pray for our nation.

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