Acoustical wonderland

I love the acoustics of a good snowfall. We are surrounded by the results of the season’s first snowfall, a six-inch deep white blanket that fell overnight. Rested for a couple of hours this morning, then resumed falling just before lunch, now has stopped again. So we are socked in, as the saying goes. Elsewhere, children, bundled in heavy outerwear by their parents, shriek and giggle as they plunge down hills on their sleds. Not here. Our street is level, and it’s populated mostly by those of us of a certain age, if you get my drift. (Sorry!)

But do this. Step out just for a few minutes. If, like us, you’re not required to leave your warm nest and venture into the winter wonderland, go ahead anyway. Wrap yourself in something warm and take a step or two outside. Then listen. Listen to the quiet. Snow muffles sound. This has always added to its magic for me. The silence enhances its beauty.

It reflects light, too. Snowfalls make things look brighter. Back inside, notice how much brighter the rooms seem during the day, even if the sun isn’t shining. Light tends to lift the spirits, and a good snow blanket on the yard surrounding our house does a great job of that.

Snowfalls do create problems for many of us, it’s true. Those who deliver things, those who care for others, those who protect us and serve us. Those who wait on us in stores, banks and other places of business, those that are open despite the weather. Those who work to keep us safe and help us on the highway. Life operates more smoothly for most of us when the snow goes away.

But while it’s here, step outside and listen. Inside, appreciate the light.

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