2020 = Perfect Vision

When in 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court abandoned any pretense of political neutrality and handed the presidency to the woefully underqualified George W. Bush, one friend placed a bumper sticker on his car that read, “Don’t blame me, I voted with the majority.” Such a message could become popular once again among supporters of Hillary Clinton, who at this writing is leading in the popular vote. If that holds up, she will have garnered more votes from the people than her opponent, our next president, Donald Trump, who finished higher in our Electoral College system.

Bitterly disappointed (and who can blame them?), Clinton voters now search for where to place the responsibility for their candidate’s defeat. Does it rest with those who, disenchanted with both leading candidates, cast their votes for a third party nominee? Shall we blame (or credit) the voters who spurned long waiting lines and stayed home? Could the outcome be attributed in part to the intense scrutiny at the voting sites by Trump supporters? What of the thousands who fell under the spell of Trump and either believed whatever came out of his mouth or chose to forgive it? He preached change, and they wanted change. I think we all can agree that they will get it. We all will. That’s the way elections work. We all are affected, regardless of how we voted.

The Democratic Party nominated the more knowledgeable, level-headed, experienced candidate, but too many saw her as being part of the Washington establishment that needed changing. I find it curious that few who cry for change and express disgust with Washington seem willing to hold an obstructionist Republican Congress accountable for the state of our federal government, yet that’s where much of the responsibility should lie. How will this new president interact with this gang?

Whichever candidate you supported, the good news is that this long, ugly nightmare of a campaign has ended, and this election drew a record turnout at the polls.

If this nation can endure the presidencies of the likes of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, there is hope for Clinton’s supporters that it can manage to survive for four years under Donald Trump’s leadership. This republic will continue to stand.

How can disappointed supporters of Hillary Clinton get through this period? Breathe. Live your life as you choose. Begin now to work toward enabling change in 2020. What a great date. 2020 = perfect vision.

(No Today’s Word today.)

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