Better watch out. The facts are coming.

Donald J. Trump, candidate for the presidency of our nation, has warned us that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is scheming to rig tonight’s debate by using facts. Really?

Mr. Trump predicts that Mrs. Clinton is going to slip in facts, and that is how she will rig the debate. Beware the facts. This is such a serious charge that I thought it prudent to check the, ahem, facts to determine what it is we have to fear from this. Dictionaries’ wording varies, but they all agree that a fact is true information. That’s a relief.

Speaking at a campaign rally. Mr. Trump has boasted that his preparation for tonight’s debate did not involve any facts. He pledged not to use facts in the debate and challenged Mrs. Clinton to take this same pledge. Mr. Trump reportedly told his supporters, “Facts don’t treat me fairly.”

This comes as no surprise. Mr. Trump has made it clear to all of us that he and the truth are not on friendly terms. Still, this particular statement of his deserves our serious attention.

I don’t want a president who espouses such an attitude, and neither should you. That’s a fact.

Today’s word: upcoming. Down with the up. Something is coming, or it is not. Not up, down or sideways, just coming. It’s a good word. Don’t clutter it.

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